Purchase of convertible:


For a while I had been talking about my interest in buying a convertible, so when a good friend of mine told me once more, that he has seen a 1971 Chevrolet Impala Convertible for sale, in a sweedish carmagasin, I decided to pursue the matter. The car was at sale in Stockholm and I took the train to take a look at the car. I had made sure that I had an agreement with my bank. I had also made my self clear about only to concentrate about the condintion af the carbody and the interior, because I reckoned that I could always mending any mechanical defects, if necessary. The car was completely original and in good condition, as can be seen on the following pictures, so I purchased it 11/25-1998.


The ad is seen here The front The rear Frontseat


The dashboard The rearseat The frontseat is as new The engine




1971 Chevrolet Impala Convertible
400 cui V8 smallblock 245 Hk Sae (6.6L)
6km/l 92 oktan unleaded gasoline
Turbo 350 automatic gearbox
Power steering
Power brakes


The car was not equipped with any options but I have fitted certain options after purchase:
  • Aircondition (fittet in the USA)
  • Power seat (fitted here)
  • Power windows (fitted here)
  • Cruisecontrol (fitted here)
  • Optional intrumentationlamps (Low fuel, doors, seatbelts) (fitted here)
  • Fenderskirts (original)


But soon after it came clear that the engine was VERY used; it used 1 quart of oil pr. 200 miles! so I began reconditioning of the engine, as can be seen on the following pages : Reconditioning of the engine


Last revised: juli 27, 2007.