Reconditioning of the engine:

The engine was running smoothly and sounded okay, though it used one quart of oil pr 200 miles, so something was not right. So I dismantled and totally reconditioned the engine. It turns out that the oil consumtion came from cylinder nr 3. This was because somebody has made a quick repair in the USA, by replacing piston and connecting rod nr 3 with something heavely used, without replacing even the piston rings or bearings!. The crankshaft was completely destroyed and the camshaft was missing three tops. 6 pistons had broken pistonrings and all cylinders had bigger or smaller scribe marks. The engineblock was partly filled with diverse materials but the cylindertops was resently rebuild. Because of this, the engineblock was bored to next oversize, boiled clean and new piston and pistonrings was mounted. The camshaft and the hydraulic lifters, together with the complete valvetrain was replaced with new components. The crankshaft was rebuild and new oversized bearings was fitted. The cylindertops was reconditioned. New oilpump fitted, new camshaft chain with gears and of cause a complete gasket kit.
The trasmission was functioning allright but the transmission oil was constantly turning black, despite the fact that I was changing oil and filter severel times, so the only prober thing to do was to dismantle the transmission and rebuild that too. It was cleaned and rebuild with a masterkit.
The pictures from the operation is seen here:


Early pictures:


The engine is removed Trasmission after removal One site The other site The intakemanifold is removed


Cylindertops and crankcover removed The notorious piston nr 3 Old pistons and crankcover Destroyed bearings Right cylindertop is normal The oil in cylinder nr 3 is seen here


Later pictures:


Left site is newly bored Right site is newly bored Pistonrings fitted


Crankshaft and pistons fitted Pistons fitted in engineblock Cylindertops before fitting of the valves


New stuff Reconditioned cylindertops Cylindertops fitted Engine newly painted, seen from the front Engine newly painted, seen from behind


The trasmission is cleaned The transmission is cleaned inside Many items inside Many more items


Now the engine is ready Now the engine is ready The gearbox is mounted


Now the car was ready for touring :
Last revised: juli 27, 2007.